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Who We Are


Deima was founded to respond to the precise logistics and shipment needs of the market, combining technological innovation with competence and the attention paid by its personnel, to provide a service designed and realised on a bespoke basis considering the needs of its Clients.

Deima’s goal is to become a one-stop shop for Clients in regard to Logistics and shipments: a synergistic relationship that optimizes resources, improves timing, facilitates communication and reduces costs.

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Deima is a company specialised in the management of logistics, preparation of orders and distribution in Italy and abroad in regard to many product categories.

Deima does not simply provide Logistics Services, but supports your business with professionalism and competence to design, together, the best solutions with respect to business objectives and offer more value to your customers.

We provide innovative and customised solutions for:

  • Preparation of Orders and Shipping to Sales outlets (B2B)
  • Preparation of e-Commerce orders and shipment to end customers (B2C)

We work with important companies for whom we manage the entire supply chain, from receipt of finished products to distribution to sales outlets and the Online Shops of numerous brands

E-Commerce specialists, we are rapidly expanding marketplace logistics partners

In close collaboration with your company, agreeing solutions and procedures capable of saving you time and resources to satisfy all your customers.

Thanks to a high level of automation, and the use of innovative logistics management software, we are able to ensure maximum speed in the preparation and completion of orders, as well as maximum speed and safety for shipments all over the world, with extremely low costs.

With the help of innovative fully automated systems, we give our customers an extremely high quality level of service with increasingly shorter acceptance and processing times for orders.

Thanks to the partnership with the most important national and international carriers we are able to deliver your products in Italy and abroad with maximum speed and safety.

We constantly monitor the progress of orders and shipments, promptly intervening to resolve any problems and relieving the customer of the typical duties of this activity For us, the certainty of work carried out perfectly.
For our Clients, a significant saving of time and resources.

We provide a dedicated Customer Service, via an assigned manager who guarantees professionalism, continuity and efficiency in dealing with and solving any problems For us, the certainty of a work carried out with competence and reactivity.
For the customer, the guarantee of having a direct line always available for any needs.

  • A one-stop shop for the entire logistics phase of orders, from the arrival of the products to delivery to the end customer
  • A centralized Customer Service, a direct line always available for any needs
  • High quality of the services provided, thanks to the high automation of production processes and use of innovative logistics management software
  • Maximum flexibility of the operating procedures, adapting the activity to the requests of Clients
  • Advantageous and customised solutions, specifically designed according to the type of products to be managed
  • Cost containment, thanks to the high automation of production processes and the advantages provided by the effective Outsourcing solutions we offer, customised according to the specific needs of each client
  • Convenient, clear and transparent rates