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Pensiamo a tutto noi

We Deal with Everything

Time is a resource that is worth a lot to all companies, since there is increasingly less time available.

Clients are often obliged to use time and resources to carry out many of the logistics functions: following the progress of Orders, checking stocks availability, tracking Shipments, releasing stocks, etc. ... which occupy a lot of the daily activities.

Deima’s innovative procedures are, to the contrary, designed to alleviate Clients from these tasks.

We constantly monitor the progress of orders and shipments, promptly Intervening to resolve any problems, so as to reduce to a minimum the use of time and resources by Clients, who can dedicate their energy to their business activities.

For us, the certainty of work carried out perfectly
For our Clients, a significant saving of time and resources

Tutto sotto controllo

Everything Under Control

Thanks to the coding systems and tracking of single products at each stage of processing, we are able to offer the accurate and precise situation of progress in real time of Orders and Shipments, as well as the updated inventory of Warehouse stocks.

The total digitalization of production processes, from the management of products to delivery to final customers, allows us to give Clients the maximum level of control over all processing phases The high level of efficiency thus ensures extremely low costs.

The use of innovative logistics management software allows maximum interactivity with Clients, ensuring that the situation is completely under control at all times.

Una cura speciale

Special Care

Deima recognises and respects the passion and investment that Clients dedicate to the development of their products.

It therefore becomes fundamentally important for handling and transport to be carried out with the maximum amount of care and attention and the highest level of safety so that final recipients can receive all types of products in ideal conditions.

This is why we have designed innovative procedures and protective packaging that ensure the highest level of safety for your products whenever they are handled and during all transportation activities.

Specialisti del tuo prodotto

Specialists in your Products

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we have designed innovative and customised solutions for each type of product, to ensure maximum efficiency and safety during every phase of warehouse handling and shipping, until delivery to the final recipient.

From clothing to leather goods, from cosmetics to quality wines, from spare parts to electronic components, we provide tailor-made solutions, designed to meet the needs and particularities of your products.



In the present day, E-Commerce is the sales channel with the greatest potential for growth The choices of online customers are conditioned not only by the quality and price of products but also by the speed and reliability of the delivery service which therefore becomes a fundamental element for the commercial success of companies.

Logistics is the engine of e-Commerce and one of the main potentially critical factors for end customers. Online customers want their products to arrive without hitches and as quickly as possible.

A specialized e-Commerce logistics service is therefore crucial for the success of every e-Store and this is why an increasing number of companies are outsourcing the management of their e-Commerce stocks.

Deciding to outsource the logistics management of your e-Commerce allows you to:

  • Achieve the greatest efficiency and higher quality of services by entrusting professionals in the sector
  • Entrust the management and handling of products to a specialized company with competent and qualified personnel
  • Monitor all the processing phases, with one provider for all the needs of your online business
  • Eliminate direct and indirect fixed storage costs
  • Exploit the higher work flows of specialised companies, thereby reducing costs
  • Contain logistics costs, because you only pay for the services you use

We provide competence, professionalism, organisation and the ability to innovate at the service of Companies that sell online, starting from micro-companies to big players on the market with high daily sales volumes.

La tecnologia al tuo servizio

Technology at your Service

Deima is a company that is continuously involved in technological innovation.

Thanks to the high automation of the production processes and the use of innovative Logistics Management Software, we are able to ensure maximum speed in relation to order preparation and fulfilment at extremely low costs.

The import of data is carried out via FTP flow directly from the Client’s Management System and does not involve the manual processing of data by the Client.

Innovative serial coding systems ensure the tracking and control of single products at every stage of processing, providing the accurate and precise situation regarding progress in real time in relation to orders and shipments, as well as an updated stocks inventory.

The warehouses are entirely covered by radiofrequency, to ensure the precise and accurate management of each processing phase via the scanning of each single Item with RFQ Optical Readers.

The complete digitalization of production processes - from product management to delivery to the final customer - allows us to give Clients the maximum level of control over all processing phases The use of innovative Logistics Management Software allows maximum interactivity with Clients.

The VRTMG Automated Warehouses with high Picking flow ensure maximum precision for the picking of products and the composition of orders, reducing the times and costs of the Picking phase With the aid of these innovative fully automated systems, we give our customers an extremely high-quality level with increasingly shorter acceptance and processing times for orders.

In the VRTMG Automated Warehouses your products are stored in a clean and safe environment.