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Dimlog Services


Deima does not simply provide Logistics and Shipping Services, but supports your company with professionalism and competence to design, together, the best solutions with respect to business objectives and to offer more value to your customers.

Dimlog is Deima’s Logistics Management Service, which deals with the entire management cycle for the handling of products: warehousing, reception and composition of orders, management of shipments and payments.

Thanks to innovative fully automated systems, we are able to provide our clients with an extremely high level service with continuously shorter order acceptance and processing times.

The warehouses are entirely covered by radiofrequency, to ensure the precise and accurate management of each processing phase via the scanning of each single Item with RFQ Optical Readers.

Dimlog is the ideal solution for companies that want the certainty of procedures carried out with maximum speed and the safety of having everything under control, thanks to the advanced technology it is equipped with:

  • Automated Warehouses
  • Online IT platform for the receipt of Orders
  • Online IT platform for the tracking of Orders and Shipments
  • Stocks management system, to provide warehouse inventories in real time
  • Dedicated, continuous and customised Customer Service
  • Supplier Order Management
  • Barcode Encoding
  • Inbound Logistics
  • Quality Control
  • Order Management
  • Packing
  • Issuance of documents
  • Shipment
  • Returns Management
  • Stock Management
  • Special processing
  • Automated Warehouses
  • e-Commerce
  • Customer Service

Management of data regarding Orders that the Client sends to suppliers, so as to proceed with the necessary quantitative and qualitative checks of inbound products.

The import of data is carried out via FTP flow directly from the Client’s Management System and does not involve the manual processing of data by the Client.

We process and print barcode labels used to ensure the correct identification and precise tracing of products in each processing phase:

  • UdM series barcode: it identifies individual products with a univocal code which allows the precise and complete tracing of the processing phases and each movement of individual products
  • GS1 (EAN) barcode: the only barcode officially recognised by the global GSI encoding system, accepted by large supermarket chains and online sales marketplaces all over the world

Service covering the reception and acceptance of inbound products from the Client or the Client’s suppliers.

  • Checking of delivery notes
  • Loading into the warehouse of each individual product, via the reading of the barcode using RFQ Optical Readers
  • Control and certification of inbound quantities and correspondence with delivery notes/invoices and packing Lists
  • Issuance and sending to the Client of Checking Reports
  • Accounting charge of the quantities received into the warehouse, with processing of the balance for Orders in the warehouse (Order paid/Order partially completed)

Upon request, we carry out the Quality Control of the products we receive

  • Quality control and conformity control on a sample basis (random)
  • Quality control and conformity control with a check of all products received (full check)

We deal with the entire process of order preparation and delivery, from the management of products to delivery to Clients.

Thanks to the high automation of the production processes and the use of innovative Logistics Management Software, we are able to ensure maximum speed in relation to order preparation and fulfillment.

The high Picking flow VRTMG automated warehouses ensure maximum precision in the composition of orders, reducing times and costs in the picking phase

We provide innovative and customised solutions for:

  • Order preparation and shipment to Sales Outlets (B2B)
  • E-Commerce Order preparation and shipment to end customers (B2C)

We provide complete packaging of products and offer customised Packaging solutions for every need and for every type of product

  • Packaging in the type and format most suitable for the type and quantity of products to be packaged
  • Packaging customised with the client's logo to enhance brand identity
  • Protective packaging for delicate products: innovative and patented, they are made of recyclable material
  • Filling materials, to safeguard and protect products during every transport phase
  • Adhesive tape and safety straps customised with the Client's logo
  • Burglar-proof seals, equipped with holographic band and optical reading identification barcodes, to ensure the intactness of the packaging and the originality of the product
  • Cellophane wrapping of packages and pallets with transparent or blackout PVC film, to improve safety

We provide for the processing and printing on the Client's headed paper of delivery notes:

  • Delivery note
  • Invoice
  • Packing List

We select the most advantageous shipping method, based on a shipment’s characteristics and type of product.

In collaboration with the main national and international carriers, we deliver your Orders in 24 hours in Italy and in 24/72 abroad, depending on the destination.

Fast, punctual and safe shipments to deliver your products as quickly as possible.

Should an order for a product need to be returned, we take care of the complete management of the return, from receipt and management of authorisation to the repositioning of the product in the warehouse.

  • Receipt and management of the authorisation to return unused products (RMA) or defective products (RMD)
  • Contacting the Sender, acquisition of the return document and verification of correspondence with the Return Authorisation
  • Processing and sending to the Sender of the consignment note necessary for the shipment, including the instructions for correct assignment to the courier
  • Issuance of Collection Orders to the appointed couriers
  • Monitoring of returns shipments
  • Reception and acceptance in the warehouse of returns shipments
  • Returns conformity control
  • Issuance and sending to the Client of Checking Reports
  • Reallocation of the product in the warehouse
  • Real-time updating of warehouse stocks

Thanks to the coding systems and tracking of single products at each stage of processing, we are able to provide an accurate and precise situation regarding progress in real time in relation to orders and shipments, as well as an updated stocks inventory.

The use of innovative logistics management software allows maximum interactivity with Clients, ensuring that the situation is completely under control at all times.

We offer maximum availability and flexibility to satisfy requests for special processes:

  • Tamper evident seal* attachment
  • Reconditioning
  • Small repairs
  • Relabeling
  • Repackaging
  • Change of Packaging

*particularly important in case of return, to ensure that the product has not been used

The VRTMG Automated Warehouses with high Picking flow ensure maximum precision for the picking of products and the composition of orders, reducing the times and costs of the Picking phase.

In the VRTMG Automated Warehouses your products are stored in a clean and safe environment.

Logistics is the engine of e-Commerce and one of the main potentially critical factors for end customers Online customers want their products to arrive without hitches and as quickly as possible.

A specialized e-Commerce logistics service is therefore crucial for the success of every e-Store and this is why an increasing number of companies are outsourcing the management of their e-Commerce stocks.

Deciding to outsource the logistics management of your e-Commerce allows you to:

  • Achieve the greatest efficiency and higher quality of services by entrusting professionals in the sector
  • Entrust the management and handling of products to a specialized company with competent and qualified personnel
  • Monitor all the processing phases, with one provider for all the needs of your online business
  • Eliminate direct and indirect fixed storage costs
  • Exploit the higher work flows of specialised companies, thereby reducing costs
  • Contain logistics costs, because you only pay for the services you use

We provide competence, professionalism, organisation and the ability to innovate at the service of Companies that sell online, starting from micro-companies to big players on the market with high daily sales volumes.

We provide dedicated Customer Service via an assigned manager who guarantees professionalism, continuity and efficiency in dealing with and solving any problems.

For us, the certainty of work carried out with competence and reactivity.

For our clients, the guarantee of having a direct line always available for any needs.