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What makes us different


Time is a resource that is worth a lot to all companies, since there is increasingly less time available

Clients are often obliged to use time and resources to carry out many of the logistics functions: following the progress of Orders, checking stocks availability, tracking Shipments, releasing stocks, etc. ... which occupy a lot of the daily activities, with a waste of energy and time.

Deima’s innovative procedures are, to the contrary, designed precisely to alleviate Clients from these tasks.

We constantly monitor the progress of orders and shipments, promptly Intervening to resolve any problems, so as to reduce to a minimum the use of time and resources by Clients, who can dedicate their energy to their business activities.

For us, the certainty of work carried out perfectly
For our Clients, a significant saving of time and resources


The trend is growing more and more among companies that deal with Logistics and Shipping to automate the customer service using toll-free numbers, automatic responders and chatbots.

Long waiting times on the phone, automatic answering machines with endless choices, lines that drop continuously, incompetent and unprofessional operators who respond from abroad are unfortunately daily inconveniences to which Clients are often subjected, wasting time without achieving the desired results.

Also in this case, Deima's procedures go in exactly the opposite direction, providing a dedicated, direct and totally personalised Customer Service.

Each customer has an assigned manager, with a name and surname, who guarantees professionalism, continuity and efficiency in dealing with and solving any problems.

For us, the certainty of work carried out with competence and reactivity.
For our clients, the guarantee of having a direct line always available for any needs.


Rates relating to Logistics and Shipping Services are often not easy to interpret and not infrequently the invoices that clients receive do not reflect what is stated in the offer.

Deima operates with absolute transparency, providing clear and comprehensive rates, without any surprises.

We develop the most advantageous tariff solutions according to the type of product, because the complete satisfaction of our customers and their fidelization are the greatest commercial success for us.

Thanks to a high level of automation, we are able to provide a wide range of services at extremely low costs.

We offer convenient, clear and transparent rates, processed by piece or by package, for the simple and fast control of costs and invoicing.